A hard test of love

There is a poor man standing at your gate, crying to be let in. He has no hands. He has no feet. He has no food to eat, He smells.

What shall you do? You live in a mansion. You have hands. You have feet. You have enough food for many to eat. Shall you let him in?

I know how you feel. Don’t forget Lazarus. Don’t forget the rich man. Don’t forget heaven. Don’t forget hell.  He could be Jesus standing at your gate asking to be let in.

Don’ forget the greatest commandment. Don’t forget your corporal works of mercy to give food to the hungry; to help the poor ; to shelter the homeless.

How challenging! Yet, we must do what we have to do even if it does not please us. The command must be obeyed though it’s a hard thing to do. That is the true test of love; but how difficult, indeed!

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