Ready for success?

Are you ready for success?

Shallow search, shallow search

Gives birth to failure.

If you want success,

Dig deep,

Dig deep, deep, deep.

In my village, local chickens scratch the ground to find their food. If they do not find food at the surface, they dig deeper.

If you read the bible and other spiritual books, you will know the word of God; you will know God and get closer to Him. If you read these books superficially you will remain shallow in your knowledge of the faith. You have to dig deep into Holy books to get deep in your faith.

It is the same with life. You have to go out and search for success – be it riches, power, happiness or influence. You will not find it doing nothing. You will not find it scratching at the surface. A shallow search will not deliver. You will have to dig deep.

Anyone who is ready to dig deep is ready for success; and when one is ready for success, success comes.

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