When I say ‘I Love you’

Don’t be embarrassed
When I say I love you;
I really mean  what I say;
I love you;
I love my spouse;
I love my children;
I love you;
I love everybody
As my Lord and Savior
Says I should.
That’s the love I express here.
I may never meet you in person;
I may never give you anything;
Or receive anything from you;
But I love you;
Knowing you are there,
I love you.
knowing you are human;
I love you;
When you have a sweet soul
As I can judge from Your work,
I love you even more.
Whether you are married or single;
I love you;
Whether you are white or black,
I love you.
And I say it;
Even if the world hears it;
I love you;
And want to do my best for you.


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