Tell me your name.

krLet’s debate on whether to reveal or not to reveal our names on our blog. Should we disclose or hide our name from our followers or readers? Should our ‘About’ page mention our name or not?

What’s your name?
Please, tell me your name!
It’s important to me.
I like to call you by name.
Why keep it from me?
It could be a pen name.
What I like is a name.
It’s more intimate, isn’t it?
Tell me your name.
How does working together
Bring us together
If I don’t even know your name?DSCN0043
Isn’t it artificial
To interact with someone for years
And not know their name?
Does this bring our world closer?
I like to know your name.
Please, tell me your name.
Let’s be friends;
And know each other by name.

16 thoughts on “Tell me your name.

  1. There is no greater name. There is power in his name. Who is He? The name above all names. This post was interesting as I listened to a sermon on do you really know God intimately? He is known by many names. Have a blessed day.

    • Thanks Ngobesing, hope I got your name right LOL! You mean so much to me too. You have answered many questions for me and for that I am grateful. My full name is on my blog and well my stories, poems and Facebook, have my maiden name since I want people who know me to know who I am. My life is full of strife, but I don’t believe in hiding behind false names. And yes my ex-husband and kids could read what I write, but they don’t seem to care. It doesn’t matter anyway. I am who I am.

      • Thank you Tessa. I am very happy to know you more. We live in a very complicated world; and some things we do right; some we do wrong; none can judge another. No one knows who will go to heaven and who will not. Our duty is to live the best we can as we understand it, considering that we share this world with others. Our past is important but what is more important is what we do now. That determines our future and will be tomorrow’s past.Thanks again for sharing your life with me and other friends on the net. May God keep on shaping you to be the person he wants you to be!

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