Big dreams inspire me

Big dreams inspire me

I like people who have big dreams. I  don’t hate people with small dreams, but people with big reams just inspire me. What of you?

The company of big dreamers

I like to be around people with big dreams and to listen to them.Their big dreams make me see that I can do great things myself.

I have very big dreams myself

Many people are inspired by my big dreams. Those who have read my about page know about my big dreams; and some are inspired by them. Of course, I do not expect everybody to like my big dreams; but the fact that I like them is what matters to me.

The courage of our dreams

We have to have the courage of our dreams. What does this mean?  That we must have the courage to articulate our dream knowing that some people may not like it; believe in your dream, and go for it happily, confidently and proudly.

Be confident and proud of your dream

Dream big and feel confident and proud of your dream.If the world is advancing at a marvelous speed, it is because of people with big dreams. People with big dreams dream of things that to many are impossible but which to them are a possibility. They are confident and proud of their dreams. In the end they are right because they achieve their big dream. Even if they don’t, they get close to it.

You can achieve more

If you do not dream big, you sell yourself short. The simple truth is, you can do much more than you think you can. You can achieve more.If you cannot be a great footballer, great runner, great writer, you may be a great singer, great speaker, great mother, great father etc. Whatever it is, try to be a great something.

Believe you can be great

To be great at something, you have to believe you can be. You cannot achieve much if you do not believe you can achieve much; if you do not dream big. Therefore, I can only conclude by saying do not sell yourself short. Believe you can and dream big.

Big dreams inspire me.

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  1. yes, There is such a thing, as spiritual, intelligence. It is called Wisdom in Proverbs. We receive wisdom from the Lord, when we listen with all ears, heart, mind, soul. Our whole person should be listening to what other Christians around the World are saying at this point in time. Time is not in Heaven. There won’t be time. But here, time is always around us. I believe in the goodness of the Lord. I believe He sends people across our paths to remind us that to live for Christ is joy, peace, love, and happiness in the Lord. If you are happy, you know it, and so does everyone around you. God is bigger than we imagine Him to be. He can do all things abundantly, and well. I have spoken enough. Have a wonderful time encouraging others.

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