In God I trust

I may not have it now;
But nothing stops me from
Having it tomorrow;
In God I trust;
Why do you laugh at me?
You laugh at me,
Because I don’t roll in a big car
Like you;
You laugh at me,
Because I don’t live in a mansion
Like you,
You laugh at me,
Because all my friends occupy big positions
And I do not;
So what?
I don’t mind that you laugh at me;
Who knows what God has in store for me?
Who knows tomorrow?
Laugh at me if you like;
I shall not mind it;
I shall not be discouraged;
I shall not give up;
I shall keep on trying;
I shall keep on doing the best
With my life;
And I shall wait for my God to decide;
In Him I trust;
No one knows tomorrow;
The first may be the last;
And the last may be the first;
Laugh at no one;
Or laugh at me if you like;
In God I trust;
At his right time,
He will lift me up;
The best is still to come.

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