loss and life

Have you some loss of recent incurred?
Nothing at all with loss is wrong;
Loss is fully part of life;
Loss of money is possible to have;
Loss of property also you have;
Loss of opportunity that comes your way;
Loss of someone so dear to you;
Loss and loss and loss and loss;
loss indeed that makes souls cry;
But what you do when loss does come
is what will matter the most to you;
Weep and wail and curse the gods;
Or smile and give good thanks to God;
The latter I think it’s right to do,
For loss could be a blessing indeed;
It may, new doors, open to you for life;
Create opportunities much better than before,
Close a door that might have led to doom,
Or draw you closer to your God.
Thank Him then for the loss you have;
And search for the blessing
He’s buried in it for you.


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