A fight of thoughts

Through out the day, two kinds of thoughts stream through your mind – positive and negative thoughts. These two kinds of thoughts fight against each other to control your mind. The one that succeeds in this fight and hence controls your mind controls your life.

If positive thoughts are the ones that control you, you will be a positive person. Your life will be marked by successes. You will be happy, cheerful and be a source of inspiration to others.

If your mind is dominated by negative thoughts, you will be a negative person. Your life will be marked by failure. You will look unhappy, frustrated and pessimistic.

It is thus left to you to choose. You can allow positive thoughts to control your mind or negative ones. Negative thoughts are fiercer in the fight. This is normal. Unscrupulous people fight more fiercely than the scrupulous ones to control the world. If support is not given to the forces of good in the world, they will be crushed by the forces of evil. What lends support to the forces of good are the various laws put in place to check evil.

Hence, you need to lend support to the positive thoughts that come to your mind so that they will not be easily uprooted by the negative ones. How do you do this? By telling your mind that you have room in it for positive thoughts only. No room for negative thoughts. Dismiss all negative thoughts that come to your mind. Tell them there is no room in your mind for them. Replace every negative thought with a positive one.

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