Help from a mosquito

Isn’t it intriguing that the tiny creature called a mosquito can help you succeed? It can be a great source of inspiration to you. It  teaches that size is not what matters. It is the stuff that you are made of that counts.

The mosquito is a tiny thing, but it’s hell spending a single night in a dark room with one.It can make you miserable, angry, anxious, and worried. In fact, it can make you cry.A lot of people have cried in the hands of a single mosquito.

This little creature features in the fourth position among the  greatest killers of man. It transmits malaria that causes one million deaths every year. It is second only to HIV/AIDS as a killer in Africa.

Smallness is not weaknesses. Small can become very powerful if accumulated or combined. Ants, like mosquitoes, are small, but if you have to face an army of ants you will never again call anything small. Same goes for a swarm of bees which can kill an elephant.

These tiny but powerful creatures teach you never to minimize small effort especially when it is accumulated. It can give birth to huge success. Taxi fare in my city is equivalent to less than a dollar; but through the power of accumulation, many taxi men are millionaires. A dollar will give you several boxes of matches; but the colossal income that this commodity brings in enables match companies to become huge..

You, know, of course, that little drops of water make a mighty ocean. Therefore, do not minimize the little daily efforts that you make towards your success. Keep accumulating them. One day, they will give you a mighty ocean of success.

Thus make the mosquito, the ant and the bee a source of inspiration for you.

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