God: dictator or democrat?

Today, I had occasion to debate with some friends on leadership. The debate centered on the way God rules the world. The question was; from the way God rules the world, is he a democrat or a dictator?

It was a heated debate with deeply divided opinions. Some people said God was the greatest democrat in the world because he has given us freedom to choose right or wrong; either to go with him or to go with the devil. Others said He was a real dictator because he does not consult us before he does whatever he wants to do to us like bringing us into this world; calling us to himself; etc.

Those who called God a democrat said by being a democrat he wanted all leaders to be democrats which also means democracy is the best system of government; or God’s ordained system of Government.

The ones who said He was a dictator said by so doing he was also telling us that for good leadership the leader needs to be a dictator.

We went on and on and never came to a conclusion. It looks like it’s a debate that can go on and on and on.

Actually it has two dimensions if you like to look at it: whether God is a democrat or dictator and whether God’s ordained system of Government is democracy or dictatorship.

16 thoughts on “God: dictator or democrat?

  1. I say, God is a Father. He partners with us whenever it’s good to do that; He has the knowledge, maturity and wisdom to know when He needs to put His foot down. He wants us to grow and mature; He also wants us to learn true love, so we are free to choose.
    He is not the author of the “bad” things that happen to us; instead, He wants us to prosper and be blessed. He supplies all of our needs, according to His riches…
    I guess that makes Him neither a dictator nor a democrat.

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