Dont seize your opportunity…

Opportunities are everywhere. Did you now that? They are everywhere for grabs by those who are smart. If you don’t seize yours, someone else will.

Once, I missed a very little opportunity, but it left a lasting impression on me. I got to Church when the Church was full. All the seats had been taken except for one which I spotted but concluded that it certainly had been reserved for an important personality. My mind went to the Hon. Speaker of the House who usually came to our Church.

This seat remained empty while many people were standing and none took it. The others must have thought like me that it had been reserved.

After about twenty minutes, a lady alighted from her car, dashed into church, looked round and seeing the empty seat, went straight and occupied it. Nobody stopped her. She sat comfortably throughout the celebration. It turned out that the seat had not been reserved at all for anybody. For a reason that no one could say, it was just empty waiting for someone to take it; and the person turned up.

This little incident teaches many lessons:

1. I gave myself a baseless excuse for not taking the seat.
2. I created an artificial barrier.
3. I was negative in my thinking.
4. I was quick to jump to a conclusion.
5. I did not find out from those sitting by if the seat had been reserved.
6. I either lacked courage or I was timid or indolent.

What was the result of my wrong action or inaction? I had to bear the consequence which was to stand up for the three-hour celebration.

Definitely, that was just one of millions of opportunities that were missed that day in the world because of baseless excuses or barriers that people put on their way.

Can you recall an opportunity which you failed to grab because of an unfounded excuse or an unnecessary barrier that you created?

You have to be alert to see the opportunities that God puts on your path for your good. Don’t only see them; grab them. If you do not, others will. Then you will begin to complain that God does not favor you and only favors others; whereas He puts opportunities right in your palms but you fail to grab them. Of course, when you don’t, another person does or others do.


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  1. Exactly. And when God calls us for his service and we shy away, he sends forth another servant. We definitely will automatically miss out on the rewards including opportunities that were originally designed for us.

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