Teach me something today

I like you who are reading this to be my teacher. There are many things I’ll never know if you don’t teach me or if some other person does not teach me. I mean it.

I learned ICT from my staff in the office. Even today, they continue to teach me. I tell them “You know better than I do.Please, teach me.” They do.

All my life I have learned a lot of things from young people. I work with them a lot helping them to bring out the best in themselves. And in the course of doing that I have discovered I learn from them as much as they learn from me. I draw inspiration from their youthful enthusiasm, faith and creativity; which my friends don’t. That makes quite a difference.

I learn also from my own kids at home. The way they master ICT is simply amazing. I do not hesitate to call on them to teach me something. My wife is also my teacher in certain things. My teachers are many. I am motivated to learn by my passion to communicate what I have accumulated for many, many years. I learn so that I can better share what I know. You can see that I publish six to seven posts everyday. It is not a hunt for readers but what will I do with that stuff if I do not share it? And time is running out. With better knowledge of ICT and Social Media, I will help a lot of people. Of that I am sure.

Don’t ask why I am not going to school to learn more. There are many ways to learn. I prefer to learn from you as I go. I say all this to say that I am open to learn. When Belinda Crane shared a post on republishing, she taught me; and it has made a vast difference in my blogging. Of course, I will never forget her, neither will I forget Tessa who reblogged that post and permitted me to see it.

I make myself vulnerable. If on going through my post you find something which you think I can improve on and you know how, please, do not hesitate to let me know. I know the WordPress Team is there to help but they can only help when I pose a specific problem to them. You might see something which I can improve on which I might not even know myself. Please, tell me and help me through.

The mistake we all make is to judge from appearance. I know I write good posts. Even as a broadcaster, I have a great following; and some people say ‘He knows a lot.’ They do not realize that they are the ones who give me all the things I give back to them.

I tell people you can do whatever you want which is true. I believe that what I want I will have if not today, tomorrow; but I cannot get it all by myself. I have to learn even from people who are younger than me or who generally know less than me.

Please, before the end of today, kindly teach me something. If you have something on your site which you know can help me invite me to read it. Do I count on you? I believe I can. Thank you in advance.


6 thoughts on “Teach me something today

  1. As a precaution and maybe it is just my eyes, using red and purple on your green background is very hard on the eyes and difficult to read.

    Secondly I found another use for Belinda’s tip. I accidentally published something immediately and wanted it to be scheduled for after midnight. I just went in and changed the date to after midnight and it made it a scheduled post rather than one published immediately. I am glad to have gotten that tip and spread it around. Many people are happy with it.

    • You are lovely. Thanks a million. As for the purple and red, those are older posts which I published on a different theme. I am trying to change that to green and yellow. Is that okay. Please, kindly let me know. Many thanks.

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