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After my post on small can be big, Tienny asked the question as to how one can maximize one’s earnings when one’s income is very small?

If your income is small you have to limit your wants. Do not try to live like a business magnate or a big public service worker when you are a housekeeper or an office cleaner. If you earn two hundred dollars you cannot live on three hundred dollars.

However, you still have to dream big even as you live a simple life. I have seen people with small salaries who have skyrocketed to the top.

They spent their money carefully. Meko earned very little; and so did not send his children to expensive schools. He made sure he followed up their school work to make up for any gaps that the lower level school they attended might have created. He did not buy them expensive clothes, toys and other things of luxury but took time to explain to them that though they were poorer than the others they were as intelligent as them and if they worked hard in school they would end up shining more than those rich ones. The children listened and worked hard. Things turned out for them as their father had told them.

The parents worked hard for the family too; and as the children were growing bigger they contributed to do work at home. Thus, they cultivated the habit of hard work. Mrs Meko was a very hard working woman. She had four farms and most of the family food came from there.

Meko saved a lot. Though he earned very little, he knew how important it was to save a good part of what he earned. He had a big dream to do business some day. He calculated and knew that if he saved a certain amount of money every month he would have enough money in ten years to start his own business.That was exactly what happened.

To save, he refrained from the things that many young people squandered their money on – drinking carelessly, running after women, buying expensive clothes etc. People knew he did not earn much so they never invited him to make donations here and there as the rich people did.

In ten years, Meko had accumulated enough capital to start a sales business. He went in for raw food business. It grew fast. Five years after he started, his life changed. One of his children who had worked very hard won a scholarship to study in the US. Two years later, another child followed. Within seven years all their children were abroad. The status of the family changed. Some of those who were big people at the start were coming to them for help. Meko became able to contribute generously to his church, and for development projects.

This is just one of millions of stories of people around the world who start off very humbly and end up in the sky. Earning a small salary can be a great blessing if you know how to manage your resources.

I hope this post helps someone somewhere who has only a small salary to make it big someday.All is to plan and manage your resources well. If you do this, small will become big.

Of course, anybody who earns a good salary and manages it well will be very well placed too. If on the other hand you earn big and manage poorly you can end up worse than someone who might have been your clerk in the office.

The whole thing thus lies on financial management.However small your earning is, maximize it.

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