Why you’re still not achieving? Do you know?

If you’re still not achieving what you want to achieve, this is for you. If you have already achieved, skip it. Of course, you can still have a look and see if you share. Actually It’s not a long story.It’s just one simple thing.

If you are still not achieving, it is because you’re still not committed to any goal. If you are committed, then your commitment is not 100%. Try 100% commitment to your goal and see what happens. This means put your heart, your mind, your soul, your energy, your wits, your resources into your goal. Go to bed with it; get out of bed with with; walk around during the day with it. Be consumed by it; be mad about it; and pay no attention to discouraging messages.

Ready? Tell me if you are. Anyone who does not say ‘I am ready’ is not ready; and should not expect to achieve the goal in mind.If you are ready, declare it here and go for it. Have the courage of your dream; and don’t come back until you have had it. I am sure you will.

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