Fast not slow and steady wins the race

There are common beliefs that hold us back and we hardly realize it.  They are deeply embedded in our belief system because they are deeply embedded in the language we have grown with.

We are told that things that come easily or too fast go easily too or go away too fast. We have the saying,  “Easy come easy go.” Is this true? Do things that come easily go easily also? Should we go by this belief and slow ourselves down in a world that is going at breakneck speed? There is another belief that goes in the same direction which says slow and steady wins the race.

I used to believe these statements; but I have come to see that they rather pull people back and so  I  have dismissed them.

I know this may surprise and even shock many people; but until we start to think differently we will continue to act in our old ways and be left behind. I held these thoughts for many years and all they did was hold me down. Of course, I know a number of things that come easily and go off easily too: But we need to look at all the sides not just one side.

Surely, some people earn a lot of money very easily through foul means, and squander it easily. Money passes through their hands but they have nothing to show for it. This is usually because it is dirty money.There are a lot of people who work very hard while still young, earn clean money and make excellent use of it.I believe that if you know a clean way to earn fast money, don’t hesitate; but also make sure you use it responsibly. Do  not use it recklessly because that is where trouble can also come from.

Love is another area where people want you to be over cautious. I  know. A boy and a girl meet for the first time and in under an hour they are talking of marriage or are married.  Love has come easily to them; but will it last? In some cases it does not last because the two have not taken time to know themselves to be sure that they can live together happily; but it should not be generalized and instituted as a general rule.

You may not know how the two have prepared themselves spiritually for that meeting. If you spend years praying fervently that God should give you someone with whom you shall live happily for the rest of your life; and you tell him to show you a sign when you meet the person, if you meet that person and see that sign, do you have to doubt it? Not at all. That will truly be your first meeting but you know that it is God’s will. Those who know you and seeing things superficially will say it is too early for you to go into marriage but you know the one concerned is your God-chosen spouse because you know how it has happened.

There are people who learn fast. There are people who can size you up within five minutes of your meeting and know if you can be trusted or not. It is not how long you know somebody that matters. It is how smart you are to know that person as soon as you meet. Don’t forget that a few years back letters used to take weeks to move from one continent to another. Today our messages go in seconds across the world. The human mind is doing marvels.

There are people who climb the ladder of the work place rather fast. Within their first year of work they are already sitting right on top above people with more experience and higher qualifications. This is bad if the means they use to climb are foul means; but if it is through merit, there is nothing wrong with it. There are young people who are very smart and competent much more than older ones even with their experience. There are young people who beat older people and rise very fast in politics; and do very well.

I believe in being prudent in life. I also agree that many things that come easily in life especially through foul means go off easily without leaving any benefit and instead leave scars behind; but I would not advise anyone to become too slow in life. When we say the patient dog eats the fattest bone, we should not lose sight of the fact that it could also end with no bone to eat if it gets there when all the bones have been eaten.

Modern life demands that we should be smart and be fast; that we strive to be first instead of last; to get up in the morning before everybody else not after everybody else. Remove from your mind that slow and steady wins the race. It might have been possible in the legendary era of the cunning tortoise which even then was using only foul means to win the fast animals. Let us change that statement to: “Fast and steady wins the race.”

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