Gendar sensitive language

Have you noticed that I hardly use he or she on my site? I was reminded by my daughter that in modern times we have to be gender conscious and speak gender friendly language. Or is it gender sensitive language?

Instead of saying for instance, “Anyone who likes could come for his or her own” you simply say “Anyone who likes could come for their own.” When I started writing I found it difficult. It sounded wrong to me; but I have become used to it.

When most people talk about a Doctor they always talk of ‘he’. Or people talk of a policeman not a policewoman.

Is there anything you can say to enlighten us more on gender sensitive language? By the way do you subscribe to it?

6 thoughts on “Gendar sensitive language

  1. You are not alone. I had problems too, writing about genders. I thought if I include all ‘he’ or ‘his’, I’ll be excluding all the females. So if I can I will always use he or she instead so everyone could be included.

    • I was taught that in place of he or she we use they or their. Example: instead of his or her book, we say their book. Traditionally, it is not good language but if we have to consider gender then this has to stand.

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