Self image; take note!

Do you know? You may not know how some people admire you and want to be like you. I can bet you there are people who are dying to be like you. It’s only we always think that the other person’s thing is better than ours and want ours to be like theirs.

Look at your blog. When you visit other blogs I am sure you see them and say ‘”Oh! How beautiful! I wish my blog could be like this.”

Let me assure you that there are people who are saying the same thing about your blog.

I have been in broadcasting for thirty-five years and one thing that strikes me is nobody likes their own voice. Let me not say nobody. It’s not safe be so absolute.Many people do not like their own voice. They think they do not sound as good as the other fellow; and the other fellow thinks, “Oh! This fellow sounds great.”

I am usually amazed when people call me ‘the man with the golden voice”.  But the last voice I want to hear is mine. When I do a recording and listen to it I always feel I would not like to listen to a speaker who talks like that.

It’s true that the grass is always looking greener on the other side of the fence. But while you are looking at another and admiring and wishing to be like them, they are also looking at you and admiring and wishing to be like you.

I hope you see what this means when it comes to success in life? Great writers like Napoleon Hill, Norman Vincent Peale, Jack Canfield, Robert Schuller, John Mason, Catherine Ponder and other great writers on the Science of Success talk about this in one form or the other.

10 thoughts on “Self image; take note!

  1. Mankind is always craving for the better, reason why we keep admiring others forgetting to acknowledge what God has endowed us with. It is however not a bad thing to admire others but it should not be to our detriment. Thanks you very much for the post.

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