Up and running

We live in a world that has become highly competitive; extremely fast. Everything is going at lightening speed.Nobody  has time to waste. Read:Fast not slow and steady wins the race.

If you are slow, you are lost. I see people around me who are not yet aware of this.When I visited some Western countries a few years ago one thing that stroke me was speed. Everybody who was out for serious business was virtually running to catch up with time.

You may stroll when you are on holiday, otherwise, you have to be fast or you are left behind especially in the mornings when people are going to work. People work. I mean people work very hard.

Over the years in my Radio programs, I have tried to drum this into the minds of my listeners.  Like it or not, the word has become highly competitive and if you go to sleep you will end last. To achieve excellence to be competitive,  you have to be fast; you have to be smart. You have to work. You don’t sleep.  You have to be up and running.

2 thoughts on “Up and running

  1. This is also one of the reasons why social media and smart phones increasing take up rate. Everyone wants to be ‘there’ all the time, they want the latest news, they want to be the one who ‘like’ a tweet. This has caused a problem in the first world countries where the web has taken a hold of our social lives. Hey, I think I am the ‘first’ to leave a comment on this post! Yay me!

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