My gift from God

My life is my gift from God;
The greatest of all my gifts;
He has put me fully in charge;
And I am the one to decide
How this precious gift to use;
What direction it must take,
He has left all in my hands.
How high this gift soars,
He allows it to me to decide.
He has promised to stand by me;
Thus full responsibility shall I take;
And this lovely gift shall I use
For one thing and one thing alone:
The glory of His name;
The Almighty God, who so kindly
Gave me this wonderful gift,
All the glory He shall get.

10 thoughts on “My gift from God

  1. Beautiful piece of writing! Infact that is the first gift God Almighty has given us. On this gift, depends all other gifts as well as our activities, the pinnacle of every thing we do.

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