Never misuse a good gift

When I was a little boy my mentor bought me a gift. It was a beautiful loin. I liked it; and my mother also liked it so much that she began to use it from time to time.

When my mentor saw my mother using the loin, he thought I had handed it over to her and became very angry. He could not believe that I had passed on the gift which he gave me to another person. To him, this was a sign of lack of appreciation of what he had offered me. It took me a long time to make him believe that I actually appreciated the gift very much. He was excessively angry.

Since then I have learned a big lesson – that when someone offers you a gift you should use it well. Not to use it well is to show that you do not value the gift; and do not appreciate it. This can make the person very angry; and might hardly give you another gift.

Do you value the gifts that people offer you? What of the gifts that God offers you every day? What of the best gift that God has offered you?

Your life is the best gift that God has offered you. How are you using it? Some people use it carelessly. See how some people drink and get drunk and mess up this lovely gift! See how some people use it for prostitution! See how some people waste it away through laziness, crime, etc.

The best way to use the gift of your life is to use it for the glory of God’s name. That is what He wants you to do. If you use it for good, you use it for the glory of his name.If you use it for evil, you use it for the glory of His enemy’s name; and that enemy is the Devil. To do this means you have used it against the very one who offered you the gift. How terrible!

God has offered you the gift of your life so that you use it to succeed; to bring good into the world, to help people; to make the world a better place for all. Never forget this. Never misuse this gift. Never misuse a good gift.

Think of all the gifts that God offers you everyday; and those he has offered you permanently – the gift of love, the gift of prayer, the gift of language, understanding etc. Use them well.

I thank Shiva Malekopmath from whose comment I drew inspiration to write this post.

6 thoughts on “Never misuse a good gift

  1. First I did not understand why you commented like that; asking me to read the post, because I had already read it (My Gift From God)) and commented, then I browsed and went to your home page, there I saw this Post.
    You have written it so fast and have mentioned my name also, thanks so much.
    You said it right never to misuse a good gift.
    My experience is like this,I would not like to say who, but there is a person in my life who gives gifts which is discarded and not wanted by them, instead of throwing it out, they place it in my hands as a gift. I accept it, not to show of my dislike or apathy as it would make them feel bad.
    Why should I contribute towards their unhappiness? This is what I feel.

    The Daily Gift of God _ NO Match to any on this Earth; Qualitatively and Quantitatively.
    Regards and Love to You,

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