Love regret

How is it that I never wanted you
My love?
When all the times you were
So sweet to me?
And now that you are far away from me,
And no loner mine,
That is when I see how lovely you were;
And my heart so burns for you;
Who would have told me,
That I would be on fire
For you thus?
It looks like I was blind;
Will you come back to me, my love?
Will you come
So that our love may start
All over again?

8 thoughts on “Love regret

  1. Hahahaha This is interesting, there times we actually lose those we love because we are not ready or for one reason or the other. And some times we only have to regret having lost them and sometimes the pains are so hard that we find it difficult to bear.

  2. I feel Blessed that the love of my life has been a part of my life since we were teenagers. I am grateful ,after 55 years of marriage, he is still in my life. This poem heightened my awareness of how important it is to let him know, while we still are with each other, how much he is loved and cherished. Thank you for sharing.

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