The Lord shall restore to you

Do you know that all that is yours by divine right but which you lost or which did not come to you can be restored to you? It can. God said it,

“I will restore to you the years that the locusts hath eaten.” Joel 2:25.

We see this on a daily basis don’t we? The child who does not go to school but later becomes an outstanding success. The poor parents whose children succeed in a great way. The last who becomes the first. The one who goes from rags to riches. The ugly girl who gets married to very wealthy man. The list can continue.

What it demands is that you put your trust in God and keep asking him until he does it for you. Repeat his words with an appropriate adaptation ten times, one hundred times; as many times as you can every day believing.

“Th Lord shall restore unto me the years the locusts hath eaten.

3 thoughts on “The Lord shall restore to you

  1. Awesome dear friend! The Lord has being doing it and He continues to do it. May His Holy name be glorified. Happy birth day dear friend and may the good Lord bless you with many more years of Love Faith and hope in your endeavour to create a positive impact in the world.

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