Kindness rewards

Kindness rewards do bring;
Kindness wisdom shows;
Kindness to those you meet;
Kindness to those that are kind;
kindness show to those unkind;
Kindness to people that you know;
Kindness to people you don’t even know.  
Kindness always brings rewards;
Kindness rewards do surely come;
Kindness rewards today or tomorrow;
Kindness show to someone today.

11 thoughts on “Kindness rewards

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  3. Hey Ngobesing Romanus,

    Your words fall as tender stones into the great sea of life and send their rippling kindness to beyond the farthest shore. Wonderful words, beautiful message, inspirational thoughts. A wholly agreeable feast to digest for my evening meal on this side of the great puddle. Thank you 🙂

    Have a wonderful new week ahead my kind-hearted friend. Take care of one and all as you always have.


    Dewin Nefol

    DN – 20/09/2015

      • Hey Ngobesing Romanus,

        Thank you for kind words and thoughts. they are appreciated. You are a fascinating man yourself Ngobesing 🙂

        I admire what you do, and what you have achieved, both for yourself, and most importantly for so many others. I also applaud the work you are currently doing in promoting opportunities for people at all levels, especially women, who desire something more than what may have genrally once been considered available. It is sterling work. Your commitment is admirable, as to your energy and loyalty to the larger cause. I find you a true inspiration. Thank you.


        Dewin Nefol;

        DN – 22/09/2015

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