Faithful to my word

If not of you,
Nothing would I have been today;
You mean so much to me;
I met you when I was flat on the ground,
And you held my hand and lifted me up.
Today, I am right at the top;
Isn’t it but fair that I should
Show my gratitude to you?
This is what I promise to you;
I will never leave you.
I will remain faithful to my word;
Till death do us part.


15 thoughts on “Faithful to my word

    I have written one Post today and have saved the draft, I shall publish it may be in a couple of days,
    I shall abruptly conclude the post.
    If you want to continue the post and conclude it I shall mention the name and link of your blog.
    This would one way be like, I start and you end.
    This would also be a play of Writing Game!!!
    If you agree I shall make you know the title of the Post.

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