Girls, leaders of tomorrow: a She Platform Video

It is a joy for me to share this video on this site. You will enjoy it.
Ngobesing Linda Neh is a Double Major Gender and Journalism Graduate of the University of Buea, one of Cameroon’s most reputed Universities. She hails from the English-speaking North West Region of Cameroon. Linda is a writer, talented broadcaster, blogger, developer and motivational speaker, especially on girls and women’s empowerment, violence against women, helping young girls to develop their fullest potentials and make their voices heard. She has never forgotten what she learned from her parents when she was about three years old and lives by it: “Never let anything stop you from becoming the person you want to be. God has put in you all that you need to rise to even the highest position in the world.” She is the founder and CEO of an NGO known as She Platform with a website @ To contact her send email to:  or Worldpulse.Com/user/22210.kindly let us know what you think.Linda will appreciate you like and encouragement.

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