I kocked and knocked

I knocked, knocked, and knocked;
Hard on the door I knocked,
And hope reigned in my heart,
It would be opened to me;
But what I got was a slap on my face;
Silence all the way;
There I stood, anxiety on my face;
So badly desiring to get in,
And get a share of the cake
That on the table laid;
And delicious it was, indeed;
Yet, nobody to me opened,
And placed me between two options:
To give up and quit the place,
Or keep on knocking and knocking and knocking;
For the second I opted;
And on and on I knocked;
So hard indeed, I knocked;
Until with blood my head went red with blood;
Then all of a sudden it widely opened to me;
Spreading joy on my face;
Making me forget how hard I hurt,
When so hard I knocked.


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