My birthday

How can I ever thank God enough for offering me the gift of starting another year in this beautiful world! Thank all of you for your loving wishes especially on Facebook. You are so sweet.
Please, join me to pray in thanksgiving to God:

Confident of tomorrow

Confident of tomorrow

Thank you O Lord;
You have been so loving to me;
Many blessings you have poured on me.
Words of thanks are not enough;
Thank you for offering me the gift of starting
Another year in this precious world which we often take for granted;
Grant me the grace to be fully what you created me to be.
Thank you for all the people
You have put on my path all my years;
They’ve all joined you to make me what I am.
Forever bless them O Lord
And help them to reach their full potentials!
Help them to be the best they can be;
Help us do the best we can
To make the world an excellent place for all.
Glory be your name!

49 thoughts on “My birthday

  1. Hey Ngobesing Romanus,

    Sincere best wishes and congratulations! On this day a star is reborn πŸ™‚ Perhaps you are another earth-year older, but certainly you’ll always be far, far wiser than that.

    Have a wonderful day and celebrate the wonderful gift of another brand new year brimming with the magic and mystery of dreams still untold. God Bless your happy day!

    Namaste my friend,

    Dewin Nefol

    DN – 21/09/2015

  2. Happy Birthday….I too am very blessed that you have been blessed with another year! Your words have inspired me and made my days better! Thank you for using your life for sharing kindness with others!

  3. Happy Birthday to YOU!!!
    I join others in the prayer to give you good health.
    Many more years of confidence that you have of tomorrow.
    Long Live our friendship.
    Thank You for your blessings to us all.

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