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  1. Ngobesing, as I write this I am looking at YOUR picture. How nice to see you! And as for this reblog, my Gratitude knows no end. God’s timing is always perfect, my friend. For in you reblogging this particular post, brought answers to me as to the why’s and what’s of what is happening with me. I have been in a very challenging place as I look intently and with all honesty at certain aspects of my life, and as I do, I admit I helped create these circumstances and in so doing, accept the fact my life is exactly as it is due to the decisions I made. No finger pointing. No blame. No guilt. No shame. It just IS. I know change is so needed in some aspects of my life and the first step always to change, is seeing the Truth of the matter for what it is, NOT the illusion of what it is. This, my friend, amongst tears and despair, I have done, and today, I have chosen with the help of the Word, to accept all of my life, looking to God for guidance as how to bring about change. And as I do, I continue to Live my Life in Love, with Peace in my Heart, wiping the tears away and again smiling. Bless you for bringing to my attention my very own words and in those words I have found my answers. Thank you from the bottom of my Heart. Only the brave dare to walk the Path of Love. At times it hurts, and it is scary, and it is very confusing. After the tears are shed, and lightness once again settles on spirit, seeing becomes more clear. Beautiful. (((HUGS))) Amy <3

    • Amy, this post comes to complete the joy I had when I saw your picture below your comment box. It was what I had been wishing. Amy you are dearly loved by all the community of your site. You are a real darling to all. I read many of the things people say about you. We are who we are with our past mistakes, goodness etc. Everybody has those pages. Thanks for your openness. I believe being open is the only way to freedom. Reblogging any of your posts is a real joy for me. I quickly chose love because “The path of love’ is what the world needs the most. If we give ourselves love in the world we give ourselves everything. Know that you are dearly loved, loving friend. One thing that amazes me about the blogosphere is the love Christ talked about is being expressed here more than anywhere else I have seen. Isn’t it a wonderful thing that I can love someone whom I may never meet in my life so dearly and draw so much joy from our relationship? This is something to ponder on. Many hugs, sweet friend. Remain blessed.

      • The LOVE, the acceptance, the openness I have found here on WP among the community is THE greatest Gift I have been given. I still to this day do not find many in real life who are open, not like those who are on WP. I believe those of us who carry the message of Christ (Love) are distributed throughout this world, set in places that do not have much Love at all. This makes for a very trying Life. Wouldn’t it be wonderful, absolutely glorious if one day, those of us who are the messengers for Christ (Love) actually meet and are able to actually live close by? OH! How truly wonderful that would be!!! Perhaps by all we are doing here via the Internet, will somehow ignite the world at large and we truly will be able to be surrounded by the likes of people found here on WP. What a lovely thought that is!!! You never know! Believe me, there is one woman right here who would be so delighted and so grateful, she would be floating on cloud 9 to be surrounded by like minded folk. One can Dream, my friend, and I most certainly do!!! (smile) Love, Amy <3

            • Thank you very much.Now I ask a favor to enhance our friendship. I have a poem which I have written. It is about the pure, selfless love on the blogosphere. I likie it to be beautified by some lovely pictures (flowers may be from Petals). Then we have two options with the picture credited to you and the poem to me, we have this published. If you like to send it to me in the comment box, I will publish it. If you like to publish it on your site, I will immediately reblog it. How does this sound? Hope it is no trouble to you. Please, don’t worry if it is not okay for you. Here is the poem:I know a love
              so sweet and nice;
              A love
              so clean and pure;
              A selfless love;♥
              No strings attached;
              The love I find
              On the blogosphere;
              Isn’t this the love
              Christ talked about?
              “Love one another
              As I have loved you.”
              If only this could extend
              To the rest of the world.
              Love beyond all bounds;
              Cross boundary love.
              by Ngobesing Romanus.

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