Pure love

This is a very special post for you dear friend. As you can see, it’s a joint project with Amy. I wrote the poem and she provided the lovely flower from PETALS just for you. In fact, I requested Amy to come over with it herself and she agreed as you can see her. Welcome Amy! This poem talks of the pure love between all of us on the blogosphere. Enjoy it! You are also invited to visit PETALS @ http://herladypinkrose.wordpress.com. Here is your lovely poem:

I know a love
so sweet and nice;
A love
so clean and pure;
A selfless love;♥
No strings attached;
The love I find
On the blogosphere;
Isn’t this the love
Christ talked about?Amy Sitting On Rock At Lake Erie
“Love one another
As I have loved you.”
If only this could extend
To the rest of the world.

Confident of tomorrow

Confident of tomorrow

Love beyond all bounds;
Cross boundary love.

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