From prison to throne?

Yes! A prisoner can take the throne. More precisely, one can go from prison to the throne.

“Any man may rise from poverty to become king of his country, or go from prison to the throne.” Eccl.4:13-14.

We see this,  don’t we?

There are thousands, if not millions of rags-to-riches stories in the world. There are people among us today, who were unable to afford a meal a day in their childhood days, but who today are billionaires. If they are able to do it, any other person can do it; and why not you? You can, if you want to; and believe you can. I won’t tell you how until you want it enough to ask me. You may do that in the comment column.

The other part of the quotation is also true. Those who know the legendary Nelson Mandela know this was what happened to him. He left prison to the throne and ended up as one of the greatest men in the world. People go from mud to ivory towers.

There is no excuse for you not to become the person you like to become. Do you want to become rich? Do you want to get to a throne tomorrow? Do you want to live in an ivory tower? These may look like impossible dreams to you but they are not. There are people today who look like they may never become anything but who will achieve them tomorrow.

You could be one of them.

Do you know the only person standing on your way? It’s you. If you decide now what you want to become and throw your full weight in it, you will surely succeed. If you don’t get exactly what you want, you will get something better that God has reserved for you.


21 thoughts on “From prison to throne?

  1. I just discovered your blog and I am so glad you’ve discovered mine. I love your positive attitude, your dedication to inspire and uplift. We are all here on this earth dealing with our daily challenges. If you can write to promote hope in someone else that needs it, you are greatly succeeding in motivating someone that might otherwise feel like giving up. I hope to read more of your uplifting posts! 🙂

  2. Well I too belong to the same department Tessa, my brother takes care of my worldly needs and I am too old for that, I am inching my way in writing, illustration world hoping it will be the key to my problem, I too don’t want to become a millionaire, self dependence in my definition is enough. 😉

    All the best!

  3. Ok I am asking for your explanation or help whatever you are offering. I am in the rags dept, I don’t need extreme riches, just enough to keep me from being homeless and pay my bills and do my volunteer writing.

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