Golden jubilee celebration: 1965-2015

DSCN0759 Sunday, 27 September, we had our golden jubilee celebration. I count myself lucky to be part of that event. Fifty years ago, seventy two little boys, one of whom I was, set their feet for the first time on the grounds of one of the best, if not the best secondary schools in my country, Sacred Heart College, Mankon. Our friends admired us; and we felt on top of the world.

Some, like me, did not make it to the end, because our parents could not afford our fees. But our names had gone into the golden book – the register of the school; and is there for ever.

Sunday 27 September, we all got back to that institution to thank God for the opportunity he offered us to be part of it, and for his so many blessings ever since.

About fourteen among us have gone ahead to the world beyond. For the repose of their souls, we prayed.

Many of us have made and continue to make worthy contributions to the building of our communities; and for that we thank God.

The occasion offered us the opportunity to encourage the current students to keep the light of the institution ever shining. To share our blessings with them, we donated seven computers to enable them get in touch with the world.

We were blessed to be supported at this occasion by our spouses.

We cannot thank our parents enough for the an enormous sacrifice they made to give us quality education.Many thanks to the wonderful principal, teachers, administrative and kitchen staff for their contributions to our education.

Many thanks to all our friends and well wishers.

May God continuously bless you.DSCN0709

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