Sweet souls

Some souls are, indeed, sweet;
I met one such sweet soul
Not long ago on the web;
The man is more like a saint;
Meet him at blabberwockying;
His words generate love and joy;
And they fall on your ears
When you listen to him,
Like the sweet melodies of Angels
Coming straight from heaven.
Read his post;
Have you met such a soul?
These, the world needs,
To be as God planned
It to be.

21 thoughts on “Sweet souls

    • That is nice. You must be as sweet as your mother. Is it possible for you to write a guest post for me on your mother. Say who she is, what she does in life, in short whatever you can say about her and how sweet she was to you and others. That can be an additional way of appreciating her good work. Kindly send it to my email:ngobesingromanuss@gmail.com. Make it as long as you like. Include a brief presentation of the author of the post (that is you); say how people can contact you and give the link to your blog.please, do this at your convenience and include many photos. Thanks in advance.

    • Thank you very much.You are also a sweet soul. When I read your post on education I told myself “One day I will invite her as guest for an interview on my site.” You have an interesting life to share and you sound like a very nice person to me. I tried to guess your country but could not. I really pray that God may bless and reward you in a way that you will be happy.

      • Thank you for thinking of inviting me as a guest on your site Sir. I feel I am not worthy of it but I am really glad. I guess I may say God had already rewarded me what I need, I have a family who loves me, wonderful friends like you although we have a simple life. I still want to improve our financial situation but it is not really a priority, I also believe in financial education as you but I do not focus on things I don’t have but on things I have. These includes those little and simple things that really makes life happy, relationship with God, with family, friends and not focusing on material things although it is important too. I find you an inspiration, I saw you have a happy family. πŸ™‚

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