Mind Nutrients

krHave you ever heard of mind nutrients? A nutrient is defined as anything that nourishes a living being or living thing. We humans get our nutrients from what we eat. Plants get their nutrients from the soil.

Nutrients provide nourishment that gives energy and builds tissue.

To properly nourish your body, you need a balanced diet. This means proper quantities of carbohydrates, protein, fats, vitamins, and minerals. With this balanced diet, you will grow well and be healthy.

Do you know that you hardly pay attention to your mind diet? You nourish your body to grow and function well; but do not think of doing same for your mind. You allow your minds to feed itself on anything that comes its way.

DSCN0697Unfortunately, most of the mind-food that the mind easily finds is poisonous to it (the mind). Therefore, if you allow your mind to feed itself on whatever it finds, it will feed itself on poison and get killed.

What must you do?

You must choose what you feed your mind with. Choose nourishing food to feed your mind with. Give it a balanced diet. If you do this, it will grow healthy, and strong, and function well.

The next question I know is what is the best food for the mind? In other words, what are the things you should feed your minds with in order that it may give you the best of itself? Second question: How do you feed your mind?

I like this to be a discussion or sharing instead of a lecture. DSCN0780

I know many people will not have time to share on these questions; but let us leave them to those who are willing to find the time to share their knowledge so that others may grow.

Share in the comment box. You may know this very well; but not everybody knows; and by sharing here, you may be surprised that you will help lots of people around the world become better people. No one can say how far what you share on the web will go.

Over to you.


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