Compliments in your family

To whom should you give the greatest compliments?

Have you realized that people give compliments not to those to whom they are supposed to give them but to others? I think the greatest compliments should go to your family (spouse, children, parents, brothers and sisters).

What happens?

Many people are profuse in their compliments outside the home but not at home. Many men would tell a woman they meet outside, “You look beautiful,” but will say nothing to their more beautiful wife. They will tell a woman outside, “Your meal is delicious ,” but will say nothing to their own wife whose meal is more delicious.

A woman will tell a male colleague, “You look smart.” But will say nothing to her own husband who looks smarter.

People will pour praises on other people’s children but rarely on their own.

Compliments are as good for those in your home as they are for those outside. Do we not say charity begins at home? Start today to compliment your loved ones if you have not been doing it. Compliment your spouse, your children, your parents, your brothers or sisters today. If you have been doing it, do it more.

Compliments will do great good to your family.


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