Let us comfort him

Dear loving friends,
I have received a message from a member of the Success Inspirer community, Shivakumar Malekopmath, known in short as Shiva, informing me of the loss of his father at the age of 85 in India. He died suddenly of a heart problem on September 25, 2015.

What a sad moment for our friend! The funeral has been scheduled for 11th October 2015. Eulogies in the form of speeches and poems are being prepared in his honor.

At this sad moment in the life of our friend, I invite all of you in the Success Inspirer community, dear friends, to say a word of condolence to comfort our friend, Shiva. We have become family, haven’t we?

You may express our condolence here in the comment box. Shiva has written a poem as tribute to his dad which he will publish on his site after the funeral. I will reblog that poem to let you read about the father of our beloved friend.

Let’s love one another in good and in bad times.

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