Satisfied with your job or business?

Are you satisfied with your job or whatever you are doing for a living like your business? If you are a student, are you satisfied with the school you attend?

You might be among the many people in the world who are not satisfied with their lot in life. You might not be satisfied with your job, business, studies etc. Yet, there are millions of people who would pay anything to have the job or business that you have.

Do you know why you are not satisfied; and what you can do to be satisfied with it?

Let me tell you.

DSCN0804You are not satisfied because you look more at what is wrong with it than what is right. You focus your mind on the negatives instead of the positives. You see your glass as half empty instead of half full. Your eyes are open to what you do not like and closed to what you like.

What must you do?

You must change your attitude. Start to see what is good in the things around you instead of what is bad. Stress what is good and not what is bad.

To do this concretely, get a sheet of paper and on it write as many things as possible that you think are good about your job, business, school or home. This will not be a very easy exercise if you have developed a strong dislike for it; but you have to try. There are actually many positive things about your job, business or school that you may not be aware of; but with a bit of thinking you will begin to see them.

After drawing up your list, read it many times. Keep it handy where you can easily getDSCN0800 to it and remind yourself that you have a great job or business. If you do this many times everyday for thirty days, be sure that your attitude towards it will change. You will find that you like and enjoy it more than ever before; and when you like and enjoy what you do, you will do it better.

Don’t deceive yourself that you can succeed in anything you do like your job, business or studies without liking it. You have to do what is necessary to like it. There are more than enough reasons for you to like it. You need to learn to see the many good things in it and do not focus too much on the bad.DSCN0043

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