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PhotoGrid_1420273189495What do you think about people who age very fast. They are still very young but look old. A girl may be less than twenty but will look like a woman of fifty. Or a young man of twenty-five will be looking like a man of sixty.

On the other hand, there are people who are old in reality but look very young. You find a woman of fifty looking like someone of thirty; or a man of sixty looking like a man of thirty-five or less.

What accounts for this? What are the things that make people look old when they are actually very young? What make some people look young when they are actually old?

Let’s share ideas on this. What is your contribution? You may PhotoGrid_1419263202376also reblog or share this post so that many more people can share their ideas on the subject. Do you know some people who are young but look old or some people who are old but look young? Thanks in advance for sacrificing your time to share ideas with others on this subject. By sharing ideas we build one another.no dream is too big


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  1. My father is 87 years old, and people are amazed when they find out his age. His brother is almost 90 and looks much younger as well. I think it is genetic, plus a healthy lifestyle and positive outlook. My father is one of the kindest men in the world.

  2. That is a good thought you brought up, Romanus! There are many reasons for sure. But basically I think that you look like you feel. Or you look the way you shine from inside. You can look old but full of live and with shiny eyes as well. It depends on the way you look at yourself and the world.

  3. I believe the ageing process has to do with genetics…but possibly more with the life we choose to lead. I think if people are fulfilled in their work and have good friends and smile more than frown, this can take years off a person’s life. Being grateful for what we have is another important factor. Enjoy your Monday and week ahead…janet

  4. age is only a number. i don’t think it should really be the focus especially when it come to marriage. your age doesn’t matter what matters its what one can offer.

  5. I think at times nature render some people that way. On the other hand, some people tend to be careless and don’t take better care of themselves thereby inviting such situations onto themselves.

  6. I think genetics plays a role in how we develop and age. I think for those who look old before their time, alcohol, drugs, poverty, being in an abusive relationship, or generally having a hard life can lead to premature aging. For those who look younger than their age, money, a life of little daily stress, being fully passionate about following their dreams can help retain youthfulness. And let’s not forget a little Botox and plastic surgery to make those wrinkles disappear. Make-up can also make a young person look older or an older person look younger.

  7. Thinking young keeps you young. Thinking old keeps you old. Constantly learning, asking questions, occupying ones mine with positive thoughts keeps the level of stress down hence looking and feeling young. Thank you my friend for being an inspiration, your only as young as you feel


    The state of our minds, the kinds of food we eat or what we drink, and the environment we grow in can either cheat on our facial looks positively or negatively. For instance a child of five years in a city would obviously carry much flesh and size than he/her age mate in the village. But an elderly person of about fifty years living in a city would obviously look younger than his age mate who lives in the village and has limited resources to make up for himself.

    Meantime the state of our minds too has a lot to do with our age vis a vis our looks. Studies have shown that one who has a positive mind would obviously look younger than his/her age made who is a pessimist.
    Thank you all!

      • Yea 😅 people often misunderstand me as student when I am not. I am married with a kid and in my 30s. It is kind of putting me in a difficult spot in job search though youthful looks. Nobody believes me that I am married and with a kid.

        • I am sure they will know who you really are and will respect you when they get close to you. It can be a great advantage for people to take you for a young girl just to see you assert yourself. Wkat do you think?

          • My close friends and classmates believe me. But some people have a hard time believing me. 😅 ha ha ha! Seems funny to imagine people to take me for a young girl to assert myself. Those who just know me refuses to believe me when I point to my classmate same age as her. 😅 ha ha ha! So funny to remember that friend’s and others’ reactions.

            • Very interesting Yoshiko. I have friends with whom we jointly give marriage talks to couples and some of them are small in size. Its interesting to hear how they open up and talk about themselves and how people see them and talk about them. It’s always great fun; and we have great respect for them. Size matters positively or negatively depending on the individual.

                • What I mean is there are some co-presenters who are small in size. They share how their friends sometimes relate to them or call them. For instance, there is a lady who narrated how she is often called ‘small mum’ by fellow members of her group. Because they say that does not mean they do not respect or love her. She enjoys a lot of love and respect in the group because of what she does. So what I say is size is not what determines the love and respect we get from those who know us. It is the way we behave and the contributions we make in that milieu. Is it okay dear Yoshiko? If there is something more you like me to say, I hope you let me know. I enjoy the conversation. I am just wiping tears from my eyes because of a comment I have just read and responded to by KK FOR TOWN.

  9. I think it must be their life style. Their food habit, how they take care of themselves and most of all how well they deal with stress. Is the main cause for their outlook 🙂

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