The longest poem on anger

When I read a comment by Tianti on my post on anger, keep away from me, an idea came to my mind. We can join hands and write a long poem on anger. Do you like to be part of that? Just make a little effort and do ads follows:

Read the poem on anger: Keep away from me. If there is a line or two or more you can add to this poem on anger, go to the comment box and write it and state your name. At the end we shall come out with the longest poem on anger with all the names of the contributors mentioned.
From Tianti I get:

You are inside me now;
Have your own room;
And make sure you appear at the right time;

14 thoughts on “The longest poem on anger

  1. Anger is alive in me and I must work daily at suppressing it. I am slowly losing my anger at the world and God. I am trusting in God’s love to take away my anger and replace it with love.God bless me and keep my anger under control.

  2. Anger, when I give in to you my heart pounds and my voice grows louder and I hurt those that I love, even those I do not know. When you are done, I am sad and exhausted and filled with regret that leaves me haplessly searching for a way to make amends.

  3. Anger l shall never revel in you, because you are a sneaky destroyer that bares it’s fangs to those that give it a chance. Your occupancy is like that of a sly tenant who cheats his landlord. Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

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