It takes courage to amid your mistakes. It takes courage to see mistakes as a normal part of life. This courage is necessary to build.

A lot of people like to cover their mistakes. They lack the courage to accept their mistakes. When they make a mistake, they make as if they had not made a mistake. They make as if they never make mistakes. They feel ashamed of their mistakes. They fear mistakes.

No one does not make mistakes. If you are ashamed of your mistakes or are afraid to make mistakes, you will deprive yourself of many opportunities in life.

Fearing to make a mistake is fearing to take a risk. What can you do that can be worthy of note without taking a risk? Do not say you want to be 100% sure of success before you start to carry out a project. You will definitely not do many things that you would have done.

Accept mistakes as part of life. Try not to make mistakes; but no matter how you try, you must make mistakes from time to time; and when you make a mistake, admit it, correct yourself and move on. That is life. That is how great things come by. Yes. Great things come from people who make mistakes, correct them and move on.

6 thoughts on “Mistakes

  1. Making a mistake is like failing. Its not the act of making mistakes that is bad, its rather your incapacity to learn from your mistakes that kills you just as if you can’t learn from your failures, you are not ripe for success. Mistakes can be a stepping stone to success only on grounds that you learn from them each time you make a mistake so you don’t repeat the same mistake over and over. As a matter of fact, desperately trying not to make mistakes is rather opening up to more mistakes and often very stupid ones.

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