Reading inspirational books

Books are a great source of inspiration. Do you read books for inspiration? There are books that will fire you up to go for your dreams. I have read many of such books. Sometimes I get so inspired by them that I read from the beginning to the end without blinking.

There are books I have read and felt like going out to town to shout to the world to know that greatness is possible to anyone who so desires. When I find such books, I like to share them with others. I believe that if they can inspire me, they can equally inspire others.

My best stories in these inspirational books are those of self-made men and women who, from nothing make themselves great. Their lives teach us that you don’t sit and wait for greatness to be tossed at you. You make yourself great. From scratch, you can get to the top.

We see this every day. We see people who leave the bottom and get right to the top;    mImFree_Cover Vorderseite

people you couldn’t have imagined would ever amount to anything rising to unbelievable heights.

If you take some of the super stars that we know today, they were just ordinary men and women yesterday; but by dint of faith in themselves, hard work and persistence, they fought their way to the top.

Stories like this fill the pages of books. Read as many of them as you can and let them inspire you to go after your own dreams.

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  3. I am honoured that my book has touched your heart so deeply Romanus. Thank You! do you know why cant I reblog your posts in wordpress, not only that I have to fill up all details even when I am logged in my account.

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