My dream

IMG_20151009_150512-1-1-1 (1)Do you know my dream?
This is my dream:
To make the most of my God-given talent.
If that will make me soar high in the sky,
Why not? So be it;
If God has given me wings,
What else do I do with them?
I use them to fly;
To use them otherwise
Is to use them wrongly;
Wings, I know, are meant for flying.
So, that’s my dream;
To soar high in the sky
With the wings my God has given me.
What is your dream?

Drawing: curtesy Prachi Meena. Visit her site here


10 thoughts on “My dream

  1. My Friend, I had to come and find you, and I see why now, although I don’t understand….
    But flying, I understand.
    I dreamed of flying from as early as I can remember, for more than 1 reason….
    At age 13, I soloed for the first time.(solo means to fly alone in an aircraft)

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