Your home can ruin you

How is your home?

Your home is supposed to be the most lovely place to you. This is where you should receive your greatest love and support.  This is where you are supposed to draw strength to go out into the world; and when the challenges of the day wear you out, and almost break or knock you down, you are supposed to come home to a loving family, with shoulders to lean on.

Is this the situation for many people? Unfortunately no. This is the reverse for many people. Many homes are battle grounds instead of havens of peace and love.Husbands and wives fight against each other; quarrel and compete instead of working together in harmony and complementing each other. Parents speak their own language and children speak theirs and there is hardly common ground.

The result of this domestic disharmony is a dispersal of energy and efforts. Lack of focus and concentration; sadness, worries, and much more. This is not good for anybody. It will not help you succeed.

To increase the chances of success for your family, work hard for harmony to reign in your family; for the home to be a place where family members love to be because there they find love, peace, encouragement, strength and a sense of self worth. This will not come on its own. You have to make it happen. You can make it happen.

Never lose sight of the fact that your home can ruin you. What is supposed to be your greatest source of strength can become your greatest source of failure and frustration if you are not careful

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