Let no one deceive you

I have understood something about life; and very well too. You must be ready to work extremely hard and intelligently also, if you want to succeed. I put stress on working hard intelligently. If you work very hard but stupidly, you will, of course, fail.

Don’t look at the people at the top and think they just walked there. They did not. It may look like they did, but if you go deep into it, you will find they worked very hard.

Don’t be surprised that while you were sleeping they were up working. They did not have to tell the world how hard they were working; but they were. There are many people of your age at this moment who are working extremely hard to build their lives. Don’t be deceived by appearances.

Those you look at with admiration because of what they’ve achieved overcame obstacles. They persisted when the going was hard; and the going often was hard.

It is common for people to say those who are at the top are not competent; that they are catapulted there because of their connections. This is definitely true in some cases, but not true for all. I don’t like young people putting this in their minds or using it as an excuse to do nothing instead of putting all their energies to work to work for them.

Clean merited success comes through intelligent hard work, and persistence. If you do not work hard, and intelligently, you lose. If you work hard but give up too early, you lose. But if you work hard intelligently and persist, you win.


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