When you feel discouraged…

I do imagine what you are going through;IMG_20151010_172812
It can be really hard for you;
You’ve done all you can;
You’ve offered the best of yourself;
You’ve come to the end of your energy;
Yet, you see no light at the end of the tunnel;
And so you want to give up;
You want to call it quits;
You see no reason to stay on;
You find it senseless to keep on pushing;
As that would be wasted energy;
Yet, I tell you,
It’s not time to quit yet, my friend;
It’s not time to give up;
It’s not time to lose hope;
For, without hope, of course,
You are hope-less;
And when you quit, you lose;
When you feel discouraged,
It’s time to step back;
Gather momentum;IMG_20151010_170840
And make another dash;
Believe me!
It’s time to fight the hardest fight of your life;
It’s time to give that last blow
That will shatter the hard rock
That you’ve been hitting to no avail;
Go for it!
Victory is right head.

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