Focus, hardwork and faith

I have been reflecting on focus, hard work and faith. It can be a great combination, don’t you think?

Take a torch light. Turn it to spread the light and see what you have. Next, turn it backwards to focus the light. What do you see?

When you spread out the light, it does  not go far. When you focus it , it goes far and enables you to see things at a distance. This is what happens when we spread out our efforts or focus  them on a given goal.

The conclusion cannot be far to fetch. Focus your effort. Do not spread your energy on too many things at the same time. You will achieve more with focus than with with scattered work.

Take another example. If rain drops drop on the same spot over the years, what happens? They will make a deep hole on that spot. Collect that same rain water in a bucket and spread it over the same spot, it will create very little impact.

If you want your impact to be felt in the world, do not be a “Jack of all trades and master of none.” Be a master of one trade and the world will hear about you.When you are looking for somebody to rely on for expertise, you do not go for the ‘jack of all trades’. You go for the specialist who has proven their expertise in the field in question.

Therefore, get one goal and stick to it. This brings us to the second word – hard work. Simple common sense teaches that through hard work you achieve more than when you are lazy or work just a little. Combine hard work with focus and see what it does.

Yet, these two alone are not enough. Bring in faith and the thing is done. Faith in a highe power to guide you through. Faith in your own God-given talent or ability to do what you set your mind on.

God did not put us here to work and suffer. He put us to work, get the best from our work and enjoy the world. Hence, he equipped us with the talents to do what will make us realize that purpose for our life. You need to know this, believe in him, believe in your God-given talent or ability; and then use it to achieve the good He has planned for you.

You see then how our three words marry beautifully. If you were to ask me right away what advice I would give young people or anyone aspiring to a better life, I would say:

  1. Focus on one goal. A hunter does not run after too many animals in the bush at the same time. You will catch none. Concentrate your efforts on one major goal.
  2. Work hard. There is no food for a lazy person. If you sleep when others are toiling, be ready to cry when those who were toiling when you were sleeping begin to reap the fruits of their labor.
  3. Have faith. Have faith in God who created you, who wants you to succeed and who stands by you. Have faith in yourself whom God has equipped with enough talent and ability to do whatever He has in his plan for you..

2 thoughts on “Focus, hardwork and faith

  1. That is beautiful, Romanus and I completely agree. It is often that we want so much, our excitement and enthusiasm can be huge. But then we get overwhelmed where to start or we even start to much at the same time. Whatever we start it is always helpful to break everything down in little steps. That way we have many successful experiences and get motivated to hang in and move on. Everything will happen in its time. As you said, God has a plan, much wiser than we could create it. We just need to have faith that whatever happens on the journey is a part of the journey.

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