You like to be President?

Politics is a very passionate game. This is because it has to do with a very important issue – power. It can be very exciting too; and also very difficult.

You have to be tough to win in politics especially an election for an important office like being the president of your country. That is if your country is a democracy. In a democracy, other tough candidates will be competing with you.

To be the president of your country is a good ambition. There is nothing wrong with that.

Some people say politics is a dirty game and they do not want to go into it because they do not want to dirty their hands. While I respect this view, I do not agree with it. I always say the world is as bad as it is  because the good guys shy away from politics and let the bad guys have their way to do what they like; and the bad guys impose their evil ways making evil dominate the world.

I encourage good guys to aspire for leadership in their countries so they can bring love and other moral values  into politics or leadership.

If you aspire, take time to prepare yourself. You have a great advantage if you are young. The first thing to put in your mind is you can achieve this dream. If you can have the courage to conceive this ambition, you can realize it. Put in your mind that you have a chance to achieve it.

Start preparing yourself for it early. This means studying what it takes to become President. It takes money. Start accumulating money. It takes courage. Start building your courage. It takes the ability to speak, debate, convince people and sell your ideas. Start learning all that. If you wait for election year before you start doing all this, it will be too late.

Of course, you are not going to tell the world that you are preparing to be President. If you do, there are people who will discourage you or stand on your way. Go about it quietly until the appropriate moment comes.

Do not see people who are running for president and think it has just happened. You will hardly win if you just get up and dive into the race. Although potential candidates are interviewed they say they have no plans to run, many of them actually have the ambition and have been preparing for it but do not want people to know it for the reasons I have mentioned.

If Hillary Clinton resigned her post of Secretary of State, it was definitely to prepare herself for the race. She wanted enough time to master the issues, work on her agenda, prepare her communication, and also avoid mistakes that she could make in office as Secretary of State and jeopardize her chances.

It was not for nothing that still as Senator, Barack Obama started writing books and promoting them all over the country. Wise candidates start preparing way ahead of time. By the time it is time, they are ready.

That is what you must do if you want to be president.


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