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We are amazed by the interest all of you have shown in coming together as international friends to blog as a team. Immense thanks to all of you. You are all sweet souls.

Of course, we shall maintain our individual blogs and continue to blog as individuals while supporting one another, and showing love to one another.

We shall permanently be searching our minds for better ways of working together. If you have some ideas to share on this, please, go ahead and do so. Meanwhile, to take us a step forward, we are calling on those of you with artistic minds to propose a badge that can identify us as members of the International Friendship Blogging Forum – a community of bloggers from all over the world blogging together as a team in love, friendship and solidarity.

If many proposals come in, we shall study them together and decide which to select as our official badge. This shall be used to identify us in the blogosphere.

Meanwhile, those who can share and reblog this original post are requested to do it so that we may get more members in our group.

With love to all members of the International friendship blogging forum.


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