Sweet, sweet mother

Sweet, sweet, mother;
Lovely, sweet mother;
Each time I think of you,
My heart will throb with love;
And then I ask myself,
What I would have been,
Without a soul like you;
For nine long months,
And every blessed second,
You carried me in your womb,
You thought me how to love,
Before I came into the world.
Before I opened my eyes,
I enjoyed the best of love.
And when I came into the world,
You were still the very one,
Who taught me how to love;
So well you did your job;
It’s deeply buried in me;
You did it not in words;
You did your work in action;
You showered me with love;
And showed indeed you cared;
I buried that in my heart;
And never will let it go;
Sweet, sweet mother,
How sweet, indeed, you are!
The love I have for you,
It’s hard for me to say;
Thank you for all your love;
You’re the sweetest one I know;
You taught me how to love;
And now I know to love;
And even as I say this now,
You remain the first to cry
When you see I have a pain;
The love you have for me,
I see it in your eyes;
If the world is hard on me,
You’re the one to whom I turn;
And never will there be a day;
That you’ll not be for me;
When I think of all this, mum,
My tongue is simply tied;
Thank you, my sweet love;
That’s all I can say to you;
Thank you for all your love;
Thank you for so much you care;
Thank you so very much;
You’re the sweetest soul I know.

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