You might end up leaving a lasting impact

How do you feel when, after a very hard struggle you achieve what you strongly desire? That is how I feel right now; and that is the feeling I like to know you have after all the effort you are making to become the person you are meant to be.

Some people struggle all their lives and the way they end, their struggle seems to go in vain. Some succeed without much struggle. Some struggle and only succeed at the tail end of their lives.

It is a real joy when your struggles pay off. It can also be frustrating when your struggles bring you nothing but heartbreak; when, at the end of your life, when you are unable to struggle again, you look at everything, and there is nothing to write home about.

How should you feel in such a situation if you know you did all that you could have done?

You should be thankful to your creator who offered you the opportunity to do your best. I do not think there is any reason to become frustrated and bitter as many would be tempted to be. For one thingc, it wouldn’t change what has happened. Secondly, it will give power to unhappiness to take control of you.

The best attitude is that of thankfulness to the Allmighty who in all his wisdom decided that things should be so. Do you know that some victories come only long after the winner has long left the world? There are many people who live forever through their works but who were never recognized when they lived. Their recognition only came after they had left the world; when future generations void of bias gave their work the look they deserved.

Therefore, dear friend, it’II be lovely if your efforts are rewarded in your lifetime; but bear in mind that the greatest works are mostly recogjized by future generations when their authors are long gone into eternity. Keep going. Keep doing your best; and leave the results to life. You might end up leaving a lasting impact in the world. This has happened to many.

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