A child before marriage

Is having a child or children before marriage an issue in your community? Is it good or bad for a girl to have a child before she marries?

If you are a young, unmarried man, would you like to marry a girl who has had a child with another man?

Some parents say their boy should be sure that the girl he is marrying will have children before they marry; and the way to know this is for her to have a child with their son or even with another boy.

Many young people say they cannot marry a girl who has a child with another boy.

Many people consider that the value of a girl drops when she has a baby when she is not married. Nobody cares if a boy has children with different girls when he is not married.

The question then is: should having a child or children outside marriage be a hindrance to marriage?


5 thoughts on “A child before marriage

  1. Relationships are between two person and whether he or she could accept marrying someone who already a mother/father is up to the individual, not for us to judge. Every relationship is different, every love story is different.

  2. In my country, that isn’t much a problem. Of course, some more narrow-minded people find it as such but the majority of the society don’t really see it as a problem. Of course, the marriage institution and lawyers see it as a bit of a problem, because-money 😀
    I believe that if the child was conceived with love, then it wouldn’t/shouldn’t matter if the parents are married. It’s more about mutual trust, respect, love & understanding between the partners 🙂
    To answer your final question more properly-what is marriage? It’s two things-an institution to earn money and something sacred. However, one can be “married” without having had a ceremony or even wearing a ring on “that finger”-it’s about finding “the one” and once you do, you’d be married in your heart to that person and a piece of paper in those cases is useless. 🙂

  3. Honestly, I don’t even think about that. It is what it is. We all have different paths of life…. It is what it is. And if I love someone I don’t care how many children he has. It is part of his history!

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